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Cattails Versus the Real Risks Abandoned Cats Face

Great read. Check it out!

Becky's Writing Nook

Cattails dazzles the eyes and ears of players with its beautifully illustrated artwork, adorable cats and melodious soundtrack.

In this game, gamers play a cat left abandoned on the side of the road after an angry parent decides to toss their child’s cat to the curb for unknown reasons.

This domesticated cat must now learn to survive on its own. Thankfully, this little kitty gets rescued by a community cat who teaches them how to hunt and fight. The meowing protagonist also gains a home with one of the three available cat colonies.

The player must learn to hunt to keep their cat alive, learn to fight to protect their territory from invading cats from other colonies, and learn how to survive the seasonal changes.

This game is undoubtedly a tale with a tragic beginning but a happy ending with a cat who finds a warm home with plenty of…

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Winding Down

Forgive my absence, I've been really pressing the kids (and myself) to try and get finished with this school year by the end of May.

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