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Contests & Goals

I know I said I wasn’t going to submit to any of the annual contests for PST or NFSPS this year, but I’ve changed my mind.

Since I haven’t been putting any more effort into making submissions to anthologies or literary journals, I thought why not?

With just under a month to get my submissions together, I’ve looked through the list of the 2022 100 Annual Contests for the Poetry Society of Texas (PST) and marked the ones I think would be a good fit.

I’ve managed to come up with 15 submissions to all the different contests I found that met my style, subject matter, line count, etc.

I’ve also gotten a number of poems edited and revised, so I’ve definitely reached my editing and revising goal for the year, and once my contest submissions have been mailed out I’ll have more than surpassed my goal for submissions as well.

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