“Hansel and Gretel in Reverse” by Dara Elerath

I came across this poem the other day.

I love how the author chose to take the story of Hansel and Gretel and change the children’s point-of-view as they live through the events of the story in reverse.

Very unique, albeit a tad on the morbid side as well.


Hansel and Gretel in Reverse

When the witch pulled us from the oven, we were beautiful, Hansel. Our hair turned from cinders to flaxen strands, our skin thickened, sweaters knitted themselves across our chests, wooden shoes cooled and hardened on our feet. Yet, we had to leave that house of gingerbread and licorice. We stumbled backwards through the forest, pained to see the witch’s face grow distant. Continue reading…

(This poem was found on The Los Angeles Review.)

Have you ever taken a well-known story and put your own spin on it? I’d love to read it and/or hear about it.

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