Dream Dinner Party

I recently read a post by the Uncustomary Housewife called Dream Dinner Party: Who Would You Invite and Why? Your guests can be anyone alive or dead, real or fictional, current or historical, but not friends or family.


6 Useful Articles/Blog Posts for Writers

This week I thought I would share some helpful articles/blogs I read while I’ve read while going through my creative writing/poetry classes, as well as those I’ve found on my own wandering the world wide web.

Circle Art Response

Earlier today I was reading a blog post by Chandra Lynn titled Circle Art: Let's Make a Mess! At the end of the post she invites her readers to join her in making Circle Art. Here is my six year old daughter's piece.

Copyright 101

Recently, I had a friend tell me about a children’s book he is writing. He asked me for advice on how he would go about having a copyright done and if it was even necessary.

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