Audio | “He’ll Never Know” by April Garcia

Since I shared the audio for "Insane" last week, I thought this week I'd share the audio for "He'll Never Know."


Audio | “Insane” by April Garcia

I spoke with my mentor on Saturday. It was just a preliminary call, if you will, to schedule our official chat to go over some of her comments on my manuscript, but...

Writing Slump

I've got to get honest for a minute, ever since I found out I was pregnant I've mentally given up on trying to focus on my poetry.

“Lady Smith” by Jess Smith

The poem I've chosen this week I chose for 2 reasons: It reminds me of an Uncle who is an avid hunter.It reminds me of home with it's reference to Texas. Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels. Lady Smith I never thought I’d love a man with a room full of skulls, a deer’s ear... Continue Reading →

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